Shuga Buff
Frankincense + Myrrh

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Shuga Buff is a brown sugar based,m body exfoliator.  Use several times per week to keep your skin smooth, soft, and supple.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Grapeseed oil moisturizes skin and helps to alleviate acne and black heads
  • Pumice Stone is a natural exfoliant that rinses clean
  • Cane sugar is a gentle abrasive full of Glycolic acid, which loosens dead skin cells to be washed away

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  • Scent: Frankincense + Myrhh + Cananga + Rose
  • Size: 8 oz
  • Texture: small grains slightly clumpy like damp sand
  • Directions: Cleanse skin first. Shake desired amount of Shuga Buff onto palms of your hands. Apply to skin and rub in circular motion. Use 1-2x per week.

Ingredients: Demerara sugar, Grapeseed oil, Pumice stone, CocoGlucoside, Fragrance, Preservative

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in


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